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Sun Temple Ranchi Jharkhand

Ranchi Jharkhand Education:

Ranchi has highly renowned educational institutes as well. There are around 24 educational blocks in Ranchi; and Kanke tops the list with highest literary population in the state whereas Arki has the least amount of education in the state.

The education system in Jharkhand is conducted under Universities and Colleges of State Boards. Children start with their education at the age of 5 in Jharkhand. Most of the schools available here are affiliated to either CBSE boards or ICSE boards, and the government schools in Jharkhand follow Hindi as the medium of study. But that does not mean that there is no English Medium Education available here. There are many schools that abound in that as well. In order to improve the prospects and scope of education in Jharkhand, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan has been launched by government to improve and universalize primary education in every part of Jharkhand. Besides this the government here is always working toward strengthening the foundation of education in all the forms. The government is trying its level best to bring the education of Jharkhand at par with the levels prevalent in rest of the states, and with the efforts put in by the government they have been successful in doing so too!
Some of the schools in Jharkhand are mentioned below.

  • DAV Schools Ranchi
  • DPS Schools Ranchi
  • KVS Schools Ranchi
  • Colleges in Ranchi Jharkhand are:

    • Birla Institute of Technology
    • Allice Institute of Technology
    • Regional Institute of Technology
    • Indian School of Mines
    • Cambridge Institute of Technology, etc.

    Universities in Ranchi Jharkhand are:

    • Ranchi University
    • Vinoba Bhave University
    • Birsa Agricultural University
    • Birla Institute of Technology
    • National Institute of Technology

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