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Sun Temple Ranchi Jharkhand

Ranchi Jharkhand Hospital:

  • Ranchi in Jharkhand area is known for its medical facilities in the vicinity of 400 km of radius. There are abundant of private and public hospitals that abound in the city. Amongst the renowned medical facilities available, some of them are mentioned below:
  • Ranchi is known for its psychiatric care hospitals. It has some of the largest facilities for mentally challenged patients in Kanke, namely Central Institute of Psychiatry, and RINPAS. It caters to a wide variety of age group and economic strata.
  • There are many hospitals belonging to Central Government that provide secondary care; such as MECON Ispat Hospital, HEC Plant Hospital, Gandhinagar CCL Hospital. These hospitals provide good quality; reliable healthcare facilities at very affordable prices. Basic; yet functional facilities are provided to all the people over here
  • Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) is one of the three largest medical colleges that are available in this state. In the Advanced Diagnostic Centre the Neurodiagnostic facilities are available. Similarly Abdur Razzaque Ansari Memorial Hospital (ARAM) is run by the Apollo Hospital Group in Ranchi. This hospital was founded by the handloom weavers in 1996, and is located in the outskirts of the city. Ranchi Medical College provides good educational avenues to people that are looking to do their MBBS and MD. In addition to this it is very well renowned for providing good care to the patients.
  • Some of the other private hospitals run by in the city are Seva Sadan, Raj Hospital, Seventh Day Adventist Hospital and Guru Nanak Hospital

    To sum it all, a list of all the hospitals in the city are mentioned below:

  • Sadar Hospital
  • Apollo Hospitals Group
  • Anjuman Islamia Hospital
  • Bharati Hospital (Main Hospital)
  • C.C.L. Hospital
  • E. S. I. Hospital
  • Doranda State Hospital
  • H. E. C. Hospital
  • Rajender Medical College Hospital
  • Bharati Hospital (Clinic)
  • Holi Family Hospital
  • Davis Institute of Psychiatric
  • Government Vaccine Institute
  • Itki T. B. Sanitorium
  • Municipal Hospital
  • Infectious Disease Hospital
  • Kendriya Mental Asylum
  • Ramakrishna Mission Tuberculosis Sanatorium
  • Sadar Hospital

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